responsive webdesign

  • Responsive Webdesign

    What is a business / organization these days without a presence on the internet, your website is for many potential and
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  • Corporate identity

    It is essential that you are recognizable in your advertising / marketing communications. And therefore it is essential that there is
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  • Meet & Greet


    My name is Levi Brown and among others I am a Graphic & Web Designer. I earned my degree at the Graphic Design school in Rotterdam (GLR) and I am currently learning about we

    b development programming languages such as Javascript, PHP and MySQL so I can do a wider range of projects.

    I really love the process of designing a product and learning more about it and do my best to better myself with every project I do, This makes sure my job stays interesting and above all fresh and eye pleasing.

    So what I can actually do for you....

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